Our business model

With Your Expert Cluster, you have a single compentent contractual partner who will provide you with a broad spectrum of services:

  • Knowledge transfer
  • Consulting
  • Project management

If you decide to work with us then you sign a contract with Your Expert Cluster, and wie will take care of the rest. We will set up the project team and handle the financial aspects of services provided by each of the team members. The project will always be led by one of our experts, according to industry sector and project focus. We will draw on external resources and expertise if we believe that they contribute to the project’s success.

You will benefit from a number of factors:

  • A single contract partner for a large portfolio of services
  • Consulting and monitoring provided by Your Expert Cluster experts
  • Minimized risk during project execution due to shared expertise in our network
  • Standardized quality control and methodology for all our services
  • Standardized document structures for all services

We also provide coaching and training so that your teams are able to implement strategies and manage projects on their own or in the aftermath of your cooperation with our experts.

We offer seminars covering a wide range of industry-related topics, and we work with professional training centers and publishing houses.