Your Expert Cluster

Your Expert Cluster is a technical consulting firm acting as an umbrella organization for a network of experts, each of whom has many years of professional and project experience.

We serve smaller and mid-sized businesses as well as large corporations across a wide array of industries in the development and implementation of concepts for the digitization of value chains and flexible production.

We focus strongly on the fundamentals of the industrial internet and smart manufacturing – master data management, industry and corporate standardization, and document management. We then relate these basics to issues such as product and process safety, CE management, materials and technology, process analysis, and process integration. Finally, we support our clients in the development and implementation of business models in the context of digital manufacturing.

Numerous studies show that many mid-sized companies have not yet fully dealt with both the challenges and the business opportunities arising from the digitization and subsequent rapid change of all business processes. We therefore define our role as partners to our customers, jointly developing convincing strategies for business models, procurement, manufacturing, construction and development, logistics, maintenance, sales, and organizational structures, and thus helping them secure their long-term competitiveness.

We advise our customers on their technology and innovation management and jointly derive concepts for strategic market development. In addition, we work with professional training centers and publishing houses and offer both public seminars and in-house courses.